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The Pattern is in Englisch US Therms
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I was asked if i could share a photo guide of my solid square from  my Crochet mood blanket 2014.
So i was busy taking pictures and i packet three variations to it.
The Varioationen are perceived by the type of Filethäkel.

With a bit of practice result as beautiful patterns with a pinhole look. Such Grannys result rather spontaneously with me.


My Grannys are made with 100% cotton yarn (in thickness from 2.5 to 3.5) with a 3.5 crochet hook.
The squares are made of Chain (ch), Double Crochet (dc) and Slip Stitch (slst).


Solid Granny Square

picture one
1. magic ring or 5 Chains with a slip stitch to close ring. Three chains (for one double crochet) crochet.
2. Crochet two double crochet
3. work three chains for the first corner.
4. crochet three double crochet , three chains, three double crochet, three chains


5. three chain and connect the first round witha slip stitch to the beginning.
6 For the new row three chain and two double crochet in the next stitches.
7 In the corner (the three chain of the first round), two double crochet.
8 three chain for the corner.


9. In the same corner now crochet two double crochet. Now crochet in each stitch one double crochet. At the next corner so crochet as points eighth and ninth
10. Close the round with a slip stitch.
11. So it goes on, the principle is very simple. In each double crochet from the rounde before is a double crochet and in the corners,comes two double crochet, three chain and another two double crochet
12. So it looks finished.
With more round it makes a nice back part for a pillow



First variation of the Squares

1. The beginning is like the normal Solid Sqaure.
2. In each double crochet from the rounde before work a slip stitch .
3. Now in the corner work three chains and one double crochet . Three chain for the corner.
4. crochet two double crochet in the corner and a double crochet in the loop of the round before. Now be built a loophole with a chain stitch, then crochet a double crochet. It is almost always so on.
(4.1 In the corner two double crochet, three chain and two double crochet. In the loop of the rounde before a double crochet, a chain stitch and a double crochet.)


5. Just crochet the same in the next round. The place of the chains is always on the chain stitch of round before.
6.Work a double crochet in each double crochet the round before. Close round with a slip stitch .
7 In detail, after the fives round.
8 So it looks finished. Enjoy rework.



second variation

1. Beginning and the first round is the same like the simple Solid Square.
For the second round crochet four chain (three chain for a double crochet and a chain stitch for the first exuberant double crochet)
(The photo is not really on the second you see it properly)
2. In the corner two double crochet, three chain, two double crochet. For the variation now comes a chain and a double crochet in the middle of the rounde before double crochet. One chain and for the corner two double crochet three chain and two double crochet.
3. A chain, a double crochet, a corner, and so on as described in the 2nd to the round end..
4. This fourth round easily crochet as in the Solid Square, consistent with double crochet without a hole.


5. Starting the fourth round with four chain, three double crochet. Corner as usual.
(Two double crochet, three chain, two double crochet)
6. Crochet a chain  (as a replacement for a double crochet), three double crochet, a chain, a double crochet, a chain, three double crochet, a chain, the corner.
7. So crochet to the round end, complete with a slip stitch.
8. In the last round work in each double crochet a double crochet and as usual crochet corners.
A bit complicated but with a great look.



The third variation of the solid square.
This might be something kompliziertet.

1. Crochet first round as in the Solid Granny Square.
2. Make a slip stitch until the last double crochet.
3. Second round crochet as in the simple Granny Square. In three corners double crochet, three chain, three double crochet. two chain to skip the double crochet of the round before.
4. So continue crocheting to the round end.. (3 dc, 3 ch, 3Stb and two Lfm to skip)


5. (There is no really good photo of this round, but can you put it on the other photos easily recognized)
We start third round with four double crochet, skip a double crochet the first round.
Crochet a double crochet and a chain.
Now the corner comes with two double crochet, three chain and two double crochet.
From here turn to the corner Crochet chain and double crochet. So work to the round end.

Round four (now you see in the picture) starts with three chain, a double crochet, a chain, a double crochet. For the corner two double crochet, three chains and two double crochet.

6. a double crochet, a chain, a double crochet
7 now crochet six double crochet, a chain, a double crochet. In the corner two double crochet, three ch, two double crochet
8 A double crochet, chain, seven double crochet, a chain, a double crochet and Crochet in the corner. So Crochet to the round end..



9 Finish, so looks the fourth round.
10. The last and fifth round are crochet again alternately  double crochet and chain.
In the picture you see.
Four ch, a double crochet, a ch, a double crochet, a ch.
The corner with 2 dc, 3 ch, 2 dc.
Another ch, a dc, a ch, a dc ....

11. The corner and to the round end. ch and dc alternately.
12 So it looks like finished.



I hope you could follow my instructions so far and it is clearly explained.
over images of your squares I would be pleased . Just leave a link in the comment box or send a mail with.


your Eva


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  1. Hallo Eva, deine granny squares sind wunderschön. Ich habe gerade mit einer gestreiften Decke angefangen, ich könnte mir aber vorstellen, diese Grannies für ein nächstes Projekt zu benutzen. Liebe Grüße, Viola

  2. Thank you. I want to try these ideas.

  3. Ontdek deze 3 simpele schakels in zijn mannenbrein.

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